Turin Manuscript

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Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria N.III.19 (T) is a paper manuscript dated in the colophon to 1441. It was severely damaged in the 1904 Biblioteca Nazionale of Turin fire, and restored in 1911-1912. The binding is 21.5 cm. by 28.5 cm., and 11.0 cm. thick at the spine. The text now begins on folio 1R. What is now labelled recto is pasted onto the recto of a new sheet and the verso pasted onto the verso of that same sheet. The 183 folios are consecutively numbered in the bottom right corner on the recto side. There is one blank folio at the end and at the beginning (not included in the count), and there are three entirely blank folios in the middle, 55R-57V. Graf (1878) mentions three blank folios at the end of the manuscript; those now in the middle could have originally been at the end. T now contains 54 illuminations; there are also four folios with blank spaces for illuminations. For the correspondence of present foliation with earlier commentators, please see the chart below.

T is written in one column. The readable portion of the pages is oval-shaped and is damaged at the top of all pages; on the modern-recto side, the left margins are heavily damaged while on the modern-verso side the right margins are heavily damaged. Pio Rajna transcribed the entire manuscript by hand in a notebook now at the Biblioteca Marucelliana of Florence, Carte Rajna XIX.15. In Rajna’s transcription, the last line of that transcription dating the text bears the labels 11780 (followed by one line of text and the explicit) and 11844 (at the bottom of the page). Möhren counts 11,094 lines (p. 316); Graf says about 14,000 lines (p. 92). Our count at this point (Dec. 2015) is 11815+ 1 line of colophon.

The manuscript is of northern Italian origin. The form is generally unrhymed and unassonanced laisses. It follows B very closely in content, adding two laisses between B's 177 and 178, while omitting B's laisses 181-189 and 461, changing the language and, in points, also the meaning.

For a more complete technical description, see also http://www.rialfri.eu/rialfriWP/manoscritti/torino-biblioteca-nazionale-universitaria-n-iii-19-olim-cod-cvl