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You can enter any word that appears in any of the four manuscript transcriptions, and all appearances of it will display by Manuscript shelf-mark with the line number. Upper and lower cases are not distinguished, and nor are accented characters from unaccented (c/ç fall together as do e, é, è).


  • “Whole” will give all words beginning with the chosen letters; for example, hom produces 460 results, including “homo” and “home”. If there are no words where that combination appears, there is no result; e.g., inc returns no results.
  • “Starts with” will give all words starting with the chosen letters; for hom, 505 results, including “homelité”, “hombra” and “homezidio”, etc., in addition to “hom”, “home” and “homo”. Entering inc produces 72 results, including “inci”, “inclin”, “incegnor”, “inchina”, etc. This is therefore currently (July 2023) the only function that works exactly as advertised.
  • “Ends with” gives every word with the chosen letters in it in the order given; so, for example, entering hom gives 527 results, including “Thomais”,“Chomo” and “Jachomo”. Entering inc gives 46 results, including “convinçi”, “trincer”, “ainch”, “linçie”, etc.

Created 24 July 2023.

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Berlin Kupferstichkabinett 78 D 8 (olim Hamilton 337)

Bologna Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio B. 3489

Padua Biblioteca del Seminario Vescovile MS 32

Turin, Biblioteca nazionale, N III 19